35 Years Of Feminism -> Governor Schwarzenegger
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One of my recurrent themes is that dopey intellectual frameworks can lead to wacky results that are often the opposite of what the dominant thinkers say they want even in purely "Who? Whom?" terms. 

For example, from the end of the 1960s onward, we've been lectured over and over again about feminism, the social construction of gender, the inappropriateness of noticing biological differences between men and women, the nonexistence of instincts, and so forth and so on. 

One of the side effects of this revolution, however, was that it left society intellectually disarmed for dealing with the rise of steroids. In feminist theory, steroids — biochemical masculinity in a vial — shouldn't exist. This lacuna meant that society was vulnerable to exploitation by a small number of clear-eyed and self-interested individuals, such as jocks who made themselves ultra-masculine by going on the juice. 

The most remarkable example is of course mucleman Arnold Schwarzenegger, who rode chemically boosted masculinity all the way to being Governor of California. The triumph of Barack Obama is pretty funny, but it's a dry story compared to the all-out absurdity of Governor Schwarzenegger.

By 2003, the triumph of feminist ideology had left Arnold's political enemies with no vocabulary for explaining to voters: Look, don't you get it? Everybody naturally feels the urge to follow manly leaders, and therefore you people want to vote for Schwarzenegger because he seems so much more manly than everybody else. But, he's hoodwinking your natural instincts, he's just injecting himself with artificial male hormones. It's a scam!

But, virtually nobody said it because, after 35 years of feminism, nobody wanted to hear it. So, 35 years of social liberalism in California brought us Governor Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho.

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