21% Of African-Americans Are Now Of Immigrant Stock
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According to a new Pew report, 12% of black residents of the US are now foreign-born immigrants and an additional 9% of blacks have at least one black immigrant parent.

Immigrants tend to prop up overall black statistics: e.g., black immigrants average $57,200 income per year compared to $42,000 per year for American-born blacks. And 31% of black immigrants have bachelor’s degrees vs. 22% of American-born blacks.

African immigrants are particularly well educated with 41% being college graduates, with Nigerians the leaders at 64%.

All this suggests that to figure out what’s going on with descendants of American slaves over the decades, it’s now necessary to subtract out the immigrants.

An important question is how the second and third generations are doing. Unfortunately, Pew doesn’t report on that.

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