2 To 3 Standard Deviation Gap In Pull-Up Power Between Male And Female Marines
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You've probably heard that the Obama Administration's demand to put women in combat has stumbled upon only 45% of females at the end of Marines boot camp being able to do the minimum required three pull-ups. That's compared to 99% of men, which suggests a z-score difference of two to three standard deviations.

The Marines have always been a public relations juggernaut so they had the cojones to release this data, but they're still going to give in to the zeitgeist and change the requirements for women. But I doubt if they'll actually have many women storm the beaches, just as none of the 343 firepersons who died on 9/11 were women, and nobody has ever seemed to have a problem with that.

Eventually, a couple of decades from now, feminists will be shocked, shocked to discover that women in combat units aren't actually being sent into ground battles with packs full of depleted uranium ammunition, they're just being handed iPads and told to keep track of stuff while the men go do the fighting. This will cause a big hubbub in 2032 and eventually most of the women officers on combat-watching duty will be given promotions, and then the subject will disappear down the memory hole until it becomes the feminist brouhaha of 2052 and then 2072. Democrats have to win elections, you know.

As I pointed out in 1997, if America is serious about narrowing this Gap, the obvious solution is steroids, lots and lots of steroids. If women don't have enough natural male hormones to validate your theories, then just shoot them up with artificial male hormones.

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