1A Watch: DAILY STORMER Persecution Continues - Whole Right Blogosphere Next?
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H/T Pic Andrew Anglin

The epic struggle between Andrew Anglin’s Daily Stormer and the Left Deep State continues. The survival of the whole Right Blogosphere is at stake.

The Daily Stormer went down again today.  Anglin posted on his personal blog The Daily Stormer will be Back on the Surface Internet – Until Then, We are Still on Tor

I just want to make it clear to everyone that the Daily Stormer will be back.

Right now, we are working through technical issues that no one in the history of the internet has ever had to deal with. And we aren’t getting any help.

This is a big thing.

However, the site is still functioning and I am still writing as usual

We are on the Darknet.

In fact, we are the biggest website ever on the Darknet.

In order to access the site, you simply have to download Tor browser:


And then put this address in the URL bar:


The Other Side is going to unprecedented lengths to silence Anglin. And there is every reason to believe they will not stop with the Daily Stormer. Occidental Dissent supplies a road map in The Online Slaughter Continues: Stormfront Falls To Domain-Stealing Bolsheviks

(Stealing the Domain name is a technique invented to repress the Daily Stormer.)

I urge all VDARE.com enthusiasts to download the Tor browser (it is easy). Any day now, it may become our only platform.

What is happening here of course is a coup d’état attempt by the Left Establishment.  They are encouraging their Silicon Valley friends to unethically abuse their economic power for political purposes and they are conniving with the AntiFa hordes to benefit from violence.

PowerLine’s John Hinderaker summarized this well in FAR-LEFT BULLIES SUPPRESS CIVIL RIGHTS IN CALIFORNIA August 26, 2017

The “heckler’s veto” is not recognized in American law, but it is increasingly becoming a fact of life in American cities… This is a scandal of major proportions…

Rather than defending Patriot Prayer’s First Amendment rights, local authorities slandered the group in order to justify their own inaction:

U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi, a fellow Democrat who represents San Francisco, called the planned rally a “white supremacist” event.

“White supremacist” has become a catch-all epithet for anyone the Democrats don’t like. Patriot Prayer has a vague, pro-unity message that has nothing to do with race…

Of course, even if they were white supremacists–whatever that means–they would have a right to hold a rally, and would be entitled to the same police protection as any other group, just like Black Lives Matter.

Hinderaker concludes
… those who oppose the far left–surely a majority, even in California–are not allowed to assemble. This is an intolerable (not to mention illegal) situation. It can’t be allowed to continue.
The same wave of oppression is sweeping the internet. We, and any supporters of the First Amendment,  are all Andrew Anglin now.
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