1500 Masked Blackshirts Plunder Hamburg, But the Important Thing Is to Unmask Internet Meme Creators
July 09, 2017, 08:47 AM
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With the media in an uproar over the threat posed by pseudonymous nobodies posting amusing pro wrestling videos on the Internet, meanwhile masked blackshirt leftists continue to rampage across the First World. From the Wall Street Journal:

G-20 Riot Leaves Trail of Destruction as German Officials Scramble for Answers

By Anton Troianovski and Andrea Thomas

Updated July 8, 2017 1:45 p.m. ET

HAMBURG—A riot that raged for hours just a mile from the Group of 20 meeting site left German officials struggling to explain Saturday how protests that had long been predicted spiraled out of control.

Only after SWAT teams, riot police and water cannons swept block by block were authorities able to end the overnight riots in the left-leaning Schanzenviertel neighborhood, a 20-minute walk from the venue where leaders of the world’s 20 largest economies continued their two-day meeting Saturday.

Stores were looted, barricades and cars set on fire, and officers attacked with rocks, bottles and slingshots, Hamburg police said. Authorities moved to quell the riots only after they had raged for hours, according to several shopkeepers in one of the hardest-hit streets.

A police spokesman said intelligence suggesting some of the roughly 1,500 rioters were preparing to pelt authorities from buildings with cobblestones and Molotov cocktails had caused the delay. “We had prepared for the G-20 summit to be attacked, not the people of Hamburg,” Hamburg police spokesman Timo Zill told ZDF public television.

The conservative opposition leader in the Hamburg legislature, André Trepoll, slammed center-left Mayor Olaf Scholz for going easy on left-wing extremism. The Bild tabloid, Germany’s top-selling paper, said both Mr. Scholz and German Chancellor Angela Merkel —who is up for re-election in September—bore responsibility for the events. …

It wasn’t immediately clear who the black-clad rioters were. They sometimes marched alongside peaceful demonstrators before attacking property or police. German Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière described them as “anarchists” from across Europe.

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