VDARE - Reader Comments on Steve Sailer's "Green Gag"
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A Reader Comments on Green Gag:

I enjoyed the article in VDARE by Steve Sailer about Sierra Club population hypocrisy [GREEN GAG], though it would have been nice if he had mentioned the actual name of the "dissidents" within the Club, i.e. Sierrans for US Population Stabilization. We have a website


and continue to exist, with plans to strike back at the pro-growth forces within the Sierra Club.

However, I will admit to a major quibble over Sailer's contention that vast areas of the US are "empty" and would be "improved" by WalMarts and housing developments. Excuse me? Aren't those arguments the pro-immigration gang uses? Call me an environmentalist, but wide open country makes me feel peaceful and Los Angeles gives me strong desire for a handful of valium.

And I guess he would put me in the camp of proto-Nazi neopagans for enjoying my hikes so, particularly those sensations of spiritual well being. Oh well!

Brenda Walker


Another Reader Comments on Green Gag:

Love that article on Sierra Club denial on immigration issues. The Left just cannot reconcile its many irreconcilable agendas - be it environmentalism and open immigration, or feminism and self-determination for the Third World.

Matt Maggio
Editor and Publisher,
Alamance Independent www.alamanceind.com


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