VDARE - Letters re Peter Brimelow column about Will Kymlicka
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War Against Nation-State (contd.): WSJ hack upset at VDARE bashing puff-piece

Peter Brimelow writes: Somehow, I have been unable to "summon up the powers of restraint" (see last letter) to refrain from posting this exchange. As a professional financial journalist, used to e.g. reporting all kinds of weird theories about the stock market, I am always amazed to see how political journalists emotionally identify with their subjects, i.e. are really propagandists. Note: the reference to Wall Street Journal Editor Bob Bartley is a journalists' in-joke - the hostility between the neoconservative Editorial Page, which is what Bartley actually controls, and the Wall Street Journal's liberal news side is notorious in the business. Alas, they both unite to suppress bad news about immigration.

Mr. Brimelow, just a brief note to say that I thought your tirade about my article on Will Kymlicka was uninformed and unfair. But thanks for trying to read the article.

G. Pascal Zachary
Wall Street Journal
[email protected]

(44) 171 842 9218 (ph)
(44) 181 297 8126  (fax)

Well, it wasn't your *article*, which I assumed was a faithful reproduction, it was Kymlicka himself. Having lived in Canada, my patience for Canadian trucklers and proditors may be less than yours. But I'm sure Bob Bartley loved it!

Best, Peter

P.S. Shall we post your letter?

Peter, I work for the News side, which seems to have escaped your notice. We are completely separate from Bartley's shop and I have only spoken to him only once in my 11 years at the paper. Paul Steiger, the managing editor, is my ultimate boss and I haven't heard from him about the piece.

Regards, Gregg

Oh, I know that. I just thought you were building bridges.

Presume I can post?

Peter: I'm a journalist, not a bridge builder. And if you knew that you're a poor faker. I consider this and the earlier notes to be private correspondence so, if you can summon up the powers of restraint, you should keep them to yourself.

Regards, Gregg


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