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12/18/09 - A California Reader Says That Democrats Aren't Interested In American Opinion When It Contradicts Their Agenda

A California Medical Doctor Has Proof That Obamacare Is Based On Lies And Deception; etc.

From: Dr. Herbert Chen (e-mail him)

A recently released Harvard Medical School study affirms what I wrote to VDARE.COM in an earlier letter.

In August, I stated that any version of Obamacare that includes illegal aliens would be impossible to fund.

Despite President Obama's claim that the cost of the trillion dollar legislation would be partially offset by switching to an  electronic computerized system, I observed that:

 "As for electronic charting, most U.S. hospitals have already accrued all the economic benefits that computerized medicine can achieve."

The federal government is poised to roll out $19 billion in incentives to physicians if they convert by 2011 to an electronic health care billing system ($64,000 for each doctor).

But now the Harvard Medical School confirms what I have said all along. That is, no matter what President Obama and the Democratic Congress insist, computers do not save hospitals money.

After reviewing the systems at 4,000 hospitals since 2003, Harvard found that:

"...the immense cost of installing and running hospital IT systems is greater than any expected cost savings. And much of the software being written for use in clinics is aimed at administrators, not doctors, nurses and lab workers."

One of the report's authors, associate professor of medicine Dr. David Himmelstein, concluded that for nearly 50 years:

 "... People have been claiming computers are going to save vast amounts of money and that the payoff was just around the corner. So the first thing we need to do is stop claiming things there's no evidence for. It's based on vaporware and [hasn't been] shown to exist or shown to be true." [Harvard Study: Computers Don't Save Hospitals Money, by Lucas Mearian, Computer World, November 30, 2009]

Information about the limited cost effectiveness of computers that has been common knowledge in the medical world for half a century has yet to reach the Congress!

As the Senate continues aimlessly and endlessly to debate Obamacare, the crucial issue of denying illegal immigrants coverage is still unresolved while vague and erroneous promises of computerized savings are offered as gospel.

Chen wrote previous letters urging the federal government not to invite the entire world to America and about Henry Louis Gates' racism. Read them here and here.

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A Retired Physicist In Maryland Says WBAL Talk Show Host Bruce Elliott Doesn't Understand Immigration

From:  John Sullivan (e-mail him)

Re: James Fulford's Blog: Peter Brimelow On The Bruce Elliott Show At 6:00 AM Eastern

I heard Brimelow's early morning conversation with Bruce Elliott last month on WBAL. Here are my sleepy reactions.

Elliott considers himself a Libertarian, but he is of the politically correct variety, unlike his colleague Ron Smith who is much more outspoken about immigration.

After Brimelow went off the air, Elliott went on a monologue where his umbrage at immigration involved only illegals that offend him by their impudent of flouting America's laws.

Elliott claimed he would be opposed even to a brain surgeon, in the unlikely event one were here illegally. On the other hand, Elliott plainly said that he welcomes anyone who goes through the process and comes to America legally regardless of culture, religion or color.

Unfortunately, Elliott suggested no limit to the numbers of immigrants America could accommodate. In this regard Elliott has plenty of company and it is what makes him politically correct and dangerous to his listeners.

But what Elliot and other Libertarians either ignore or don't realize is that legal immigrants create a huge welfare base, cultural chaos, conservative dilution, increase pollution and result in a huge base of new Liberal voters.

Elliott, like most Talking Heads, doesn't cite statistics. He never mentioned that the US already accepts takes one million legal immigrants annually and another half million who come illegally and stay.

I'm disappointed that Elliott's post-interview reference to Brimelow only brushed over VDARE.COM and its purpose. He mentioned your cite so quickly that if listeners didn't already know about it, they wouldn't have understood. Again, Elliott fell victim to political correct fear inspired by your enemies.

Another note that may be beyond Brimelow's control. Because of his thick accent, I had trouble understanding him.

I don't share many Americans' susceptibility to thinking a British intonation marks one as intelligent. 

Just think of those leftist twits: Katty Kay of the BBC, a favorite of the despicable Chris Matthews and Lara Logan, intrepid South African girl war correspondent, whose energetic love life has made her the topic of tabloid fodder.

Thanks to Brimelow for getting up early to enlighten us but I think I'll stick with his excellent writing.

Sullivan, who retired from the Aberdeen Proving Ground says that during his forty years in what he describes as the Maryland SSR, he has "beheld Old Glory become Faded Glory." He adds that he considers himself a patriot and a secessionist.

Peter Brimelow comments: My thanks to for this extremely depressing note. I will have been in America 40 years next fall but I guess it's not rubbed off.

As for the Bruce Elliot Show, the Southern Poverty Law Center-inspired blackout against VDARE.COM is so intense that we have to take whatever we can get.

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Another Talk Radio Listener Says Lou Dobbs Sounds "Pathetic"

From: Ronald Hamilton (e-mail him)

Re: Today's Letter: A New York Reader Says Lou Dobbs Is Finished

I could not agree more with letter writer Bill Richardson who concluded that Lou Dobbs is washed up. Dobbs sounded pathetic on his radio show earlier this week.

In fact, Dobbs' language reminded me of RINOs John McCain and Lindsey Graham. Some of the words he used regarding immigration were: "compromise," "rational," and "realistic."

Since his signature issue of the illegal alien invasion developed into a lost cause at CNN, he's decided to switch sides and join the amnesty treason lobby.

No longer having his television show may have sent Dobbs into such a severe depression that he will say anything to get back on CNN.

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