Two AZ Readers Are Shocked, Shocked At Any Mention Of R—
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From:  Mike Sauceda

Ho hum. Yawn. That's my reaction to your column written for the Tribune in the East Valley of the Phoenix metro area. It seems that you are the one trying to redefine racism, and that's a tune I hear being played all the time. Saying that the "Basically, because of the perverse selection process built into the current system, the U.S. population is going to be vastly larger, much more nonwhite and much less skilled...." is inherently racist because of your concerns about the color of the new immigrants skin. And by the way, some of the immigrants coming here are technically white, although they are Hispanic white. I'm Hispanic, and I think our immigration policy may need some revision, but to restrict immigration because you fear that whites will become a minority is racist. I don't know how you can look at it any differently. But of course you can, because all you have to do is to claim that what you are doing is not racist.


From:  Frank Davis

An article attributed to your organization and your name appear in the local newspaper, the Mesa Tribune  (of Mesa, Arizona).  I suspect that the racist views put forth by the author will find a receptive audience here (we also have folks looking for "black helicopters" and UFOs). 

Really Mr. Brimelow, why would you care what skin tone future Americans have unless you were bigot? 

Peter Brimelow responds: These letters illustrate the extraordinary knot in which contemporary political discourse is tied by race. Even mentioning the plain fact that the current inflow is non-white seems racist to these readers. Truth, in other words, is not a defense. We have regressed to pre-scientific superstition.

There are, of course, many reasons to "care" about the "skin tone" i.e. race, of future Americans. The most basic is that race is destiny in American politics. Political allegiances are closely correlated with race, and change only slowly if at all. Current immigration weakens the Republicans in particular, and limited government and freedom in general.  

And if race doesn't matter, why aren't Hispanic activists agitating for the immigration of Swedes?

July 01, 2001

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