TODAY'S LETTER: A Californian Wonders - First Arabs, Next Chinese?
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FROM  Joan Woodward:

Our government says, "All Americans are the same, New Americans are patriotic." Well, why aren't any of the Chinese homes or businesses in San Francisco putting out American flags? What are they going to do if their sons are asked to fight in a war for this country? Will there be a mass exodus of people back to China and Mexico now? And, will new immigrants still all want to come here if we are in a war? I doubt it. They were not coming to be Americans; they are coming simply for financial gain, businesses, property, education, etc.

There are two different kinds of Americans. I understand that now. There are the Americans who built and created this country, who created this civilized and tolerant society, and then there are the new immigrants who actually are only here for financial purposes and have no loyalty to this country. In fact, they are themselves racist. When are we going to stop handing our country over to other races of people because we are taught to feel guilty for being successful and that we must be liberal and never say how we feel?

Today I was driving around San Francisco, seeing very few American flags anywhere. I saw the Asian people really looking at me, blond hair and all, really for the first time. I wondered why they were staring. I think it is because they thought we were stupid for so long. They thought the American people just put up with anything. They are rather shocked to hear that we are going to war.

They never realized that no one asked us if we wanted 500,000 Chinese people brought into San Francisco starting 10 years ago. If anyone had asked us, we would have said "Hell no!"

What's going to happen when we go into Afghanistan, which is next to China, and China gets mad, seizes the opportunity and attacks the U.S.? I have news for people: the Chinese people in the U.S. are mostly pro-China.

I am sorry that I am so angry today. But driving around San Francisco and seeing all the massive immigration, no patriotism, it looks like a lost war zone out here. I hope people don't get too taken in by this war stuff and keep focused on fighting massive immigration. I am a casualty of it. How can Americans justify the mass exodus out of California? "We'll just move from state to state until our own government stops doing this to us"?

September 22, 2001

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