The (Zip) Code Of The Tarantoad
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[VDARE.COM note: After two articles bashing OpinionJournal's James Taranto - see The Tarantoad Beneath The Harrow and Stomping The Tarantoad (Again) - we were going to go back to our usual targets (Jonah Goldberg, Michael Barone, the President y el Presidente, the Congress, that unpatriotic ex-Marine Raoul Lowery Contreras, the Wall Street Journal in general). But we got this excellent letter, which we have to publish on its literary merits. So it's Not Our Fault.]

From: Ron Kyser

Here are the 1990 demographics of the Zip code the NY White Pages gives for Mr. Taranto's home address:

Asian 3.7%

Black 4.5%

Hispanic 7.8%

White 83.8%

Compare this to the Zip immediately to the north, 10029:

Asian 2.2%

Black 33.5%

Hispanic 54.6%

White 9.0%

The 2000 figures don't appear to be ready, but knowing Manhattan's rental market, there probably hasn't been much turnover, let alone change [VDARE.COM Note: Our research department found them here]. So here's a classic case of "Chappaquism"— celebrating diversity at a distance.

October 31, 2002

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