The Father Of An Autistic Child Suspects Mass Immigration
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A Reader Watches the Wall Street Journal

From: [Name Withheld]

There is a statistical correlation between the rise of autism and rise of mass immigration in the United States.

This might seem strange. But several lines of research indicate that autism may be related to stress on the immune system, to which the very young are especially vulnerable. We've seen other mass migrations that brought diseases with them - just look at what migration of Europeans did to Native American populations (i.e. importation of measles, etc.).

The research at the above link is the type of thing that just plain couldn't be pursued in today's PC universities—in large part because of the enormous presence of recent immigrants at those universities.

I personally worked at a Silicon Valley startup with around 150 employees that had a total of 35 young children between ages 0-5. Three of these children were diagnosed as autistic—all were so profoundly disabled (i.e. none of them had any useful speech) that it is unlikely they will ever hold jobs, unless we see an unexpected medical miracle. If you read the literature from 15 years ago, fewer than one child in 500 would get such a diagnosis. The odds of such clusters emerging would be rather small.

Mass immigration may be a double edged sword: On one hand, immigration causes enormously detrimental effects upon the original population. On the other hand, immigration removes from that population the ability to fully analyze and understand what is happening to its members.

The autism epidemic is horrific. Clearly no one wanted this to happen. Still, what protections were in place in the U.S. to keep such a thing from happening? What scientific institutes really could analyze this question today? What would be the consequence of a scientist of substantial repute investigating this issue? The Nobel Prize winner Shockley got shouted down for making rather tame claims on demographics compared to what that statistical analysis suggests.

As bad as your readership may think the immigration problem is, it just may be worse-a lot worse.

Please Sign me as Father of an Autistic Child.

December 12, 2002

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