"Ramesh" Comes To Harlem
January 04, 2003, 04:00 AM
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An Irish-American Reader Complains About Fulford`s "Ganging Up On America."

From:  "Ramesh"

Your people get into the news again- African immigrants

"Harlem Baby Deaths Up," by Frankie Edozien, New York Post, December 30, 2002.

"Central Harlem`s infant-mortality rate rose to 13.1 deaths per 1,000 births last year - more than double the citywide level.

"The news comes at a time when health officials are trumpeting a record-low citywide infant-mortality rate of 6.1.

"Advocates and health-care experts blamed the Harlem rate - which rose last year while the city`s overall rate dipped - on delays in getting funding and a large influx of immigrants who don`t have ready access to health care….

"`In Central Harlem, there are a lot of immigrants from Africa,` explained Adam Aponte, chief of pediatrics at North General Hospital.

"`They don`t not how to access health care. They are uninsured or may be eligible but do not apply because they are fearful that their immigration status may be revealed.`"

January 04, 2003