On Earth Day, A CA Teacher Publicizes Connection Between Immigration And Overpopulation On Her New Website
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From: Maggie Art (e-mail her)

As a former California primary school teacher, I have only to look to current classroom conditions to see the impact of over-immigration not just in my state but nationwide.

To raise awareness I have created a new website Billion Americans.com to emphasize that growth is a choice. A billion is the number of U. S. residents that our children may to live among by 2100, unless the immigration disaster ends.

Native-born Americans average two children per couple to stabilize population and save quality of life. Yearly, over a million legal and tens of thousands of illegal immigrants with high birth rates cancel out that choice. 

Please circulate my website to your concerned friends to share with their children and grandchildren since inevitably they will be among the most adversely affected.

Art, who taught for many years in northern California, is an immigration reform patriot of long standing. She is the author of Pyramids To Pilgrims: The Road to America a book written to raise awareness among youth about the dire consequences of over-immigration.

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