John Vinson Reports An Exposé Of Government Immigration-Enthusiast Funding
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A Reader Ponders Trent Lott On Immigration Reform

From: John Vinson of the American Immigration Control Foundation:

In a free society, government should be the referee among factions, not the ally of one faction against another. But on the crucial issue of immigration, government is playing favorites by forcing taxpayers to subsidize those favorites. Joseph Fallon's new booklet, The Improper Use of Public Funds: Grants, Special Interests, and Immigration, uses statistics gathered by the respected Philanthropic Research Inc. to show that pro-immigration organizations are making a splendid living on government grants. Immigration control groups have no such luck. Along with arguing the basic unfairness of this arrangement, Fallon demonstrates that it is unconstitutional and a violation of civil rights laws. Immigration reformers are indeed second class citizens!

November 25, 2002

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