Homosexual Rape Doesn't Prove Attacker Is Gay
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12/17/06 - Pueblo Reader Unimpressed By Her Bishop's Selective Concern For "Human Dignity"

Re: James Fulford's Two Words Missing From This Headline

"M. HAYDEN SUTHERLAND" <[email protected]> writes from Tampa, FL:

What makes you think that the  man raping men in Texas is gay?  He is much more likely a straight black ex-con who is continuing his assault and submission of white men like he did in prison.

I think it is irresponsible of you to insinuate that this man is gay when from your own previous articles you know that he is more than likely not.  Is this just a personal vendetta against gays or are you actually so ignorant that you believe that gay men go around raping men?

Really dude.  I usually like your opinion but when you present shit like this it makes me question your credibility and makes me wonder if you are printing facts or just your own personal agenda. 

James Fulford replied:

Er, if he's not gay, and he's on the street, why isn't he raping women? (We don't know that the victims are white, by the way, it doesn't say.)

To the extent that heterosexual males are committing homosexual rape in prison, it's because of the complete absence of women, and all the walls and bars keeping them from women.

All we know about this guy is that he's committing homosexual rape, and a desire to have homosexual sex is pretty much the ordinary person's definition of "gay."

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Best wishes, James Fulford

Er, because rape is about violence, domination and control through sex and not about normal sexual expression.

Yes, you can use my full name and you can leave in the word "shit" in its entirety.  You can also include my response to your stupid question.


M. Hayden Sutherland

James Fulford writes: I'm familiar with the theory that rape isn't about sex, and I'm also familiar with the theory, (what the Church Lady would have called the convenient theory,) that whenever an apparently gay person commits a sex crime,  such as sex with a minor, or in this case, rape, it means that they're not really gay, but something entirely different.

I'm afraid I'll have to file these under "Life is not like that." However, VDARE.com is not about gay issues, as such, and we continue to be less homophobic than, say, Hispanic immigrants, Muslims, and the black community. We do insist on calling things as we see them, though.

Best wishes, James Fulford

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