Estrada Nomination; Let the CHiPS Fall Where they may
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June 23, 2003

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A reader writes, anonymously:

Here is an article which, in addition to showing that Hispanics don't give a damn about Miguel Estrada, it also shows that President Bush, in spite of all his " Hispandering" is probably only going to get 35% of the Hispanic vote in 2004.

"The Hispanic electorate doesn't care. They don't know about it, they are not well informed and they don't consider it to be an important issue," said Sergio Bendixen, a Miami-based Democratic pollster who conducted a survey of 800 Hispanic voters for the New Democrat Network.

"…it was clear many of those who supported Mr. Estrada were also confusing him with actor Erik Estrada, who was on the 1977-1983 television police drama " CHiPS" and is now a popular Spanish-language soap-opera star.

"Many of them think President Bush nominated Erik Estrada — I'd say a good third think that way," Mr. Bendixen said, adding that he heard one person say Mr. Estrada should be confirmed because he did such a good job playing a policeman on "Chops."

Hispanics tune out Estrada filibuster, By Stephen Dinan,

The Washington Times , June 19, 2003

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