An Orlando Reader Explains The Origin Of Utah's "Tongan Crips"
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Re: James Fulford's blog item Whose Idea Was It For The US To Have TONGAN Gangs?

From: A Reader In Orlando [Email him]

One answer to James Fulford's question could be “the Mormons.” They have done extensive mission work in the South Pacific and many of their converts have immigrated to the U.S. Notice the incident happened in Utah.

James Fulford writes: In fact, that's more or less what the mainstream media reported—see Court shooting sheds light on 'Tongan Crips', By Brady Mccombs And Tami Abdollah, Associated Press, April 23, 2014

Utah has one of the country's largest communities of people of Polynesian descent.
...They bully kids into joining, knock out convenience store clerks with one punch and operate with bravado predicated on their size and strength, said retired Sgt. Ron Stallworth, the former gang intelligence coordinator for the Utah Department of Public Safety.
[The attacker] is among a large community of Utah residents of Polynesian descent in the Salt Lake City area. Originally drawn to Utah by Mormon missionaries in the 19th century, the state today has nearly 37,000 people who identify as being native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander, Census figures show. That's more than every state other than California, Hawaii and Washington.
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