An Ole Miss Graduate Remembers The Federal Occupation Of 1962
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James Fulford’s article Black History Month At Ole Miss, And The ROOTS Of The Anti-White Movie Industry

From: An University Of Mississippi Alumna [Email her]

Amen to James Fulford’s comments. Even the narrative about Ole Miss and James Meredith has been distorted.

I was a student on campus during that assault against the college and its students. Boy, did the Feds make us pay. The so-called riot resulted from US Marshals firing tear gas at students and firing INTO the boys’ dorms. One person was shot in the back. No students were armed.

Martial law was declared and ten thousand troops surrounded the campus of 4,500 for weeks. All to put one black ex-serviceman who applied past the deadline into Ole Miss. Meredith was a pawn of Bobby Kennedy et al. He only attended a year or two.

The writer attended Ole Miss in the 60’s and pledged Kappa Kappa Gamma.

James Fulford writes: The writer is right about Meredith only being at Ole Miss briefly, but that's because, according to Wikipedia, Meredith graduated one year after entering.

He’d already been at Jackson State College, now called Jackson State University, for two years. JSU is now known as a “Historically Black” University, a.k.a. one the Federal Government has no intention of trying to desegregate. Today’s Kappa Kappa Gamma chapter at Ole Miss looks like it’s still made up entirely of white girls (see picture, below.) That's because at the same time Ole Miss acquired black students, they acquired "traditionally African-American fraternities and sororities"—which are, like “Historically Black” schools, not the target of the federal government.

Kappa Kappa Gamma


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