An Old Stock American Reader Protests That Children of Illegals Are Getting More Of A Birthright Than American Children Are
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"Jan" [Email her] writes:

Re: Patrick Cleburne's Blog: McCain reneges on Birthright Citizenship review

Why doesn't anyone ever bring up the fact that the babies of Hispanic illegals are subject to affirmative action. 

My family has been here since the beginning (I am a direct descendent of Josiah Bartlett)  That means someone in my family has fought in every war this country has waged.  We've paid our dues in blood, sweet, tears and money.  Why should my kids be kicked in the teeth and push to the back of the line by the children of illegals who have contributed NOTHING to this country?  Where's the fairness in that?

James Fulford writes: At, we do point out the illogicality of affirmative action for immigrants, and it's a worthwhile point that a minority anchor baby is born with preferences that a Daughter of the American Revolution isn't eligible for. 

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