An Ohio Reader Says His County Booted Out  Illegal Aliens…And It Wasn't That Hard!
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From:  Patrick Turner [e-mail him]

Everything that VDARE.COM has written about the impact of illegal immigration on wages is true. Butler County, where I live, is proof that illegal immigrants drive down wages; without them in the workforce, wages rise.

Residents credit Sheriff Richard K. Jones who you may have seen on national news networks for his outspoken stance and activism against the illegal immigrants that have invaded Butler County.

Sherrif Jones (send him e-mail here) has put up huge billboards on nearby highways warning area businesses not to hire aliens.

As a result, Jones (read/comment on his fascinating blog here) has taken heavy heat from the federal government that claims he has no jurisdiction over immigration issues, the local MSM that vilifies him, the ACLU that filed several lawsuits on behalf of illegal aliens and the local Roman Catholic priest that has lost 75 percent of his parish because it is illegal and, fearful, has picked up and moved out of Butler County during the last six weeks.

Jobs for aliens have literally ceased to exist in Butler County.

And, wages have risen almost overnight in the construction trade. Many of my friends, all out of work until last month have gotten jobs with pay as high as $20 an hour versus the $12.00 paid to illegal aliens.

Sheriff Jones is a local hero to most American citizens. We are very proud of him. Jones has taken back Butler County, and especially Hamilton, my hometown.

Local law enforcement, if given the proper tools, can and do make a difference in fighting illegal immigration.

Just come to Butler County and see for yourself.

Turner is a truck driver who has lived in Butler County all his life.

In March 2006 Sheriff Jones won the "American Patriot Award" given by Bay Buchanan

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