An Italian-American Reader Says That New Immigrants Are Being Overwhelmed By Each Other's Diversity
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From: An Anonymous Italian-American Reader [Email him]

My wife is a pre-school teacher in a suburb of a large American city. Recently she suggested to an immigrant Indian woman with an only child that she needed to have more play-dates for her daughter to help the daughter's social skills.

The Indian mother took the advice and made a play date with another little girl at the school whose mother is an American-born Iranian Jew.

My wife spoke to both mothers separately after the play date.

The Iranian Jew was gushing about how wonderful the visit was. They were exchanging family recipes, discussing religion, culture and family traditions. She just thought it was a bicultural fun-fest.

The Indian mother told my wife that the visit was completely overwhelming and unpleasant for the exact same reasons the Iranian Jew enjoyed it.

The Indian mother said (I'm paraphrasing here): "In my country everyone is the same. Over here there are so many different races, religions, cultures; it is just too much!"

The Indian mother politely got through the play date and informed the Iranian Jew that since she had her in-laws visiting from India for some time, they would not be able to have another play date for two months.

It is not possible to fabricate something so utterly absurd. I don't know what to say. Perhaps I will move to China and complain about all the Orientals.

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