An Irish-American Encourages Us To Continue Our Pictorial Policies—One Bikini Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words Of Wonkery
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Re: A Non-Puritan Reader Lauds The Loose Women Who Help Bring Down Bad Politicians—We See It As An Excuse For Another Picture Of Ginger Lee

From: Patrick [Email him]

The following sentence was very troubling to this reader: "James Fulford writes:  I should probably stop running these letters."

I must disagree. I still recall Mr Fulford's exposé of American Apparel and I suggest most strongly that the photographic support for his points made a really lasting impression upon me. There have been some other Vdare writers who have attempted, God bless them, to also use the power of illustration in their writings.

I will not mention Allan Wall's name. However, not only do these photos help us, here in reader-land, to understand the complexities of these issues but they also CLEARLY demonstrate that is, contrary to its critics in the $PLC et al, truly embracing diversity, and thus cannot be charged with the CANARDS that so OUTRAGE us on a frequent basis.

So to Mr Fulford I say, I know it is  an unpleasant task but you should continue in the interests of education and celebrating our diversity.

Notice no talk of "hillbilly" or any other derogatory remarks with Miss Ginger Lee, nor any other person used for illustration purposes of political concepts.

So keep up the good work, exhausting as it may be.

James Fulford writes: Ahem!While we probably had too many letters a about Ginger Lee in particular,  I certainly  didn't say we were going to stop running pictures of young women for "illustration purposes of political concepts."

 I think our picture of Alexandra Wallace was important, and so was the picture of the girl from American Apparel with no place to keep a green card. I also think we deserve some kind of prize for the sentence "There is nothing politically interesting in a picture, of say, South Carolina's Brooklyn Decker on the cover of Sports Illustrated," in a post illustrated with a picture of said cover.

That was frankly gratuitous, and in the interests of non-Puritanism, I have gratuitously reproduced it above.

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