An Illinois Reader Thanks Peter Brimelow For Clarity On The Irrepressible Conflict
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Re: Peter Brimelow’s article "The Irrepressible Conflict": Obama vs. Arizona—And America

From: "Enoch Powell Fan" [Email him]

Bull's-eye, bull's-eye, bull's-eye! That essay cut to the marrow of the issue more than anything else I've ever read on

It's all well and good to recount ad nauseum the venality, hypocrisy and dishonesty that are evident throughout the ranks of the Treason Lobby. Erudition and ability to marshal evidence to support one's objection to its works are both valuable tools.

But exercising them is only a means, not an end in itself. Once one is satisfied that he has identified the culprits and their devices, he should turn his talents to another purpose—formulation of a vision and a plan of action. If those who would undo our nation have a plan, and those who would preserve it don't, who is likely to win?

The phalanxes of government, academia and the press are arrayed against us, as the long march through the institutions has borne the intended fruit. If we're serious about halting and reversing the transformation of our society into one in which overt hostility to Euro-Americans is legitimized and ensconced in law, we need to accept the reality that the answer to the question "Can't we all just get along? is "No."

Our opponents are committed, powerful, unscrupulous and indefatigable. Given that, there is no room for vague hopes of change for the better if we just write a few more articles cataloging their misdeeds. A crystal-clear vision of the desired end-state must be described, and a plan of action to reach it must be developed.

JFK didn't say, "We'd like to do something in space to at least be abreast of the Russians". He said, "We choose to go to the moon in this decade." Short, simple, easy to grasp, and ultimately successful.

We must either have a plan to defeat the Treason Lobby, or a plan to separate ourselves from them. Right now, we have neither, as far as I can determine. Questions you raised, like, "what good is the American Union at all?" are the ones that force us to ask ourselves which kind of end-state we're trying to reach and hence, which sort of plan we  need to create.

It's a start. 

Thank you.


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