An Idaho Reader Wishes The U.S. Were Like Australia—Surrounded By Shark-Infested Water
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From: Pete Brittain (e-mail him)

Re: Brenda Walker's Blog: Arizona Ranchers Tell Their Stories Of Border Dangers

The federal government will do nothing to protect the Arizona ranchers.


Outrageous murders on the border have been going on for years. Save for posturing and a few half-hearted measures, no one has done anything.

Clinton and Bush didn't do much. Obama will do even less. His administration is intent on bringing America down to Mexico's level.

All the recent administration's efforts combined have had about as much effect as a Band-Aid on a melanoma.

If only America were like Australia—completely surrounded by shark-infested oceans.

Brittain is a retired dentist who moved from California to Idaho in the late 1990s. Read Brittain's previous letters about the Los Angeles illegal alien demonstrations and his fond memories of California here and here.

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