An Expatriate Reader Says Passing Grassley E-Verify Bill Will Stop Scofflaw Illegals From Laughing
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An American Reader Living Legally Abroad [Email him]

In all the discussion of walls and Muslims, there is one important aspect of immigration enforcement that seems to be being completely overlooked: the desperate need for immediate, universal and mandatory use of e-Verify to ensure that U.S. employers know that those whom they hire are legal and that they do not hire others.

Illegal immigrants are quite contemptuous of the wall’s ability in itself to keep them out; one example is found here:

E-Verify is what will wipe the smile off that guy’s face, and I am worried that is why it is not being discussed – it will be too effective.  Just look at the opposition already building up at the Cato Institute: Nationwide E-Verify an Unwelcome Step Towards a National ID . By Matthew Feeney, January 25, 2017.

Iowa’s Senator Chuck Grassley has introduced the Accountability Through Electronic Verification Act in this Congress: Immigration patriots should be gearing up both to actively support the bill and for a bruising fight against the cheap-labor/cheap-vote advocates who fear e-Verify more than walls or bans or any other arrow that exists in the anti-illegal-immigration quiver.

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