An Ex-Hippie Reader Blesses Us with Peace and Love…Sort Of
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A friendly lawyer writes from the District of Columbia

From: Marilyn Mockus ([email protected])

After reading your diatribe on VDARE.COM vilifying Humane Borders' Christian work saving the lives of poor Mexicans in the border desert country, I am disgusted with your language and insinuations, and must assume that you are one of those right-wing nuts who describe themselves as Christians, although surely Christ would not turn his back on the poor and unfortunate. You are beneath contempt.

VDARE.COM replies: We plead guilty to employing Christian writers – even, in this case, a Roman Catholic - but insist that this is still more or less legal under the First Amendment. For a more measured theological discussion of religion and immigration see Chilton Williamson's Christmas Meditation: St. Augustine on the National Question.

July 25, 2002

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