An English Reader Says That Tony Blair's Catholicism Would Not Have Been An Electoral Liability in Great Britain
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From:  David Webb [email him]

Re: James Fulford's article  Obama A Muslim? It Depends On What The Meaning Of The Word "Muslim" Is

I am English and in England, so I can assure being a Roman Catholic is not an electoral liability in the UK—and that is not why Tony Blair delayed his conversion to Catholicism. After all, Tony Blair used to take Communion in Roman Catholic churches while he was prime minister—this is against the rules of the Roman Catholic Church, and after a while, the Cardinal asked Mr. Blair to stop doing it. However, Tony Blair supports abortion and so does his party, and the Church may have baulked at allowing a Prime minister whose government was so pro-abortion to convert.

His government was also pro-homosexuality and in 2007 passed laws that required all Catholic adoption agencies to allow homosexuals to adopt children—Tony Blair resigned in 2007, but the law was either passed shortly before or shortly after he left—he didn't do anything to help the Catholics while he was in power.

Maybe he didn't want to convert while in office because it could have made internal Labour Party issues re: adoption and homosexuality more difficult—but, to underline this, there is no electoral liability for Catholics in the UK, or at least outside of Northern Ireland.

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