An Eagle-Eyed New Yorker Catches An Error In Joe's Response To A Reader
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09/04/07 - An NC Reader Says Sanctuary Cities Break Federal Law

From: A Manhattan Resident

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Comment On The Saturday Forum Letter: A CA Reader Says Giuliani Is Well Regarded By Americans Who Watched Him During 9/11

In response to the California reader's letter about his column, "Dubya: Worst President Ever. And Immigration Is A Reason," Guzzardi wrote:

"Bush has trivialized 9/11 by his incessant references to it in his two presidential campaigns..."

President Bush has conducted one presidential campaign since 9/11, not two.

If Bush could violate the Constitution yet again and run for a third term, and thereby conduct two post-9/11 campaigns, perhaps he would.

But he hasn't yet!  So perhaps Guzzardi meant to only make reference to Bush's second presidential campaign rather than both.

Joe Guzzardi replies: Since each day with Bush in office seems like a month to me, perhaps that's the reason for my error. What I should have said is that during the post-9/11 balance of Bush's first term and all of his second, he has mentioned 9/11 so many times that its significance has lost the impact it rightly deserves.

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