An Arizona Reader Is Aghast At "Culturally Sensitive" Prisons in His State
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What's next?

Whatever it might be, it will be hard to top the new $95 million Saguaro Correctional Center's outreach program to Hawaiian criminal inmates.

A ceremony that included participants dressed in Hawaiian shirts and leis marked last week's "culturally sensitive" opening

Among other accommodations toward the lawbreakers, "the cafeteria will be stocked with a rice bar and plenty of pork for inmates. The prison will also host cultural programs that will allow inmates to stay spiritually connected to their heritage"

Hawaiian prisoners from other states will be transferred to Saguaro so that they too can feel "spiritually safe."

Read the entire Arizona Republic story (and the more down to earth comments) here. [Hawaiian inmates transplant aloha spirit to Eloy Jul. 6, 2007]

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