An Arizona Reader Charges Joe Guzzardi With "A Lack Of Journalistic Integrity"
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From: Aureli Sinsuat (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Who Is Truly The Neediest? Don't Ask The New York Times!

Guzzardi's January 11th column claiming that the New York Times  is having an illegal immigration love fest is so self-serving that it is laughable.

Homeless war veterans, who Guzzardi says the Times ignores, are obviously needy cases. But just because the Times doesn't address it in its "Neediest Cases," doesn't mean that it doesn't view it as a valid problem.

In all likelihood, the Times simply overlooked the issue. Why? Because now that the Walter Reed scandal has slipped into the background, illegal immigration has taken its place in the media spotlight.

All elections need a hot button issue. The mainstream media reflects the interests of both politicians and the people. If anyone, it is Mitt Romney, Tom Tancredo, and Mike Huckabee that are responsible for not emphasizing the homeless veteran problem, not the Times.

Funny that Guzzardi would make blanket accusations about a liberal newspaper based on something so obscure as the "Neediest Cases".

It's comparable to assuming that because a person does not give money to someone soliciting a donation for African relief aid, they don't care about the starving children in Africa. It is also comparable to stereotyping every immigrant (illegal or not) based on the articles of a few media outlets.

I don't subscribe to the Times and hardly ever read it.

But in the end, Guzzardi's column is nothing more than a shameless plug trumpeting VDARE.COM, a clearly inferior publication over another, more well-rounded one.

Talk about a lack of journalistic integrity!

Joe Guzzardi replies: Sinsuat makes a valid point that none of the candidates (including the Democrats, not just the Republicans he named) have mentioned the homeless veteran plight.

But the Times doesn't "overlook" veterans. It hates them as James Fulford pointed out in his blog here.

And Times' Neediest Cases can hardly be called "obscure" since it has appeared prominently every year since 1912. For six weeks in and around December, the Times reports new cases—many involving illegal aliens.

Finally, VDARE.COM doesn't compete with the Times. We exist because of it. If the Times reported honestly on immigration, VDARE.COM may never have been created.

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