An Arizona Reader Asks If American Workers Aren't The Temporary Ones
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December 07, 2005

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A Reader Suggests a Buyout for U.S. "Guest Workers"

From:  David Pittman

Re: Edwin Rubenstein's Column: "Bush Amnesty May Be Much Bigger Than Advertised"

I read Mr. Rubenstein's article with interest.  What amuses me about Bush's call for a temporary worker program is that we already have one- it is called the American-born workforce. 

We are all acting in a real life science fiction movie- Invasion Of The Job Snatchers. For the most part the jobs that Americans have traditionally worked still exist. It is just that an alien workforce is doing them.

Like the movie, Invasion Of The Body Snatchers, giant seedpods were brought in (illegal aliens) and overnight and, just like the old movie plot, they replaced the real person (the American worker). 

Maybe, Mexican landscapers keep the giant seed pods on their gardening trucks. Illegal aliens are now so entrenched into the economy that they often constitute the majority workforce of many businesses.  We have actually arrived at a point that in many areas of our nation it would be easier to round up the population of the few remaining American citizens than the hordes of illegals. 

I truly believe that our country as a nation is over. All the free trade deals allow corporations to make their own immigration laws- they can bring anyone they wish to into our nation. 

I guess Bush on his trip to China (to visit the home office in Beijing?) received his orders to stay the course in the American division of The Multinational Chinese Corporation.

Those orders were to continue to eliminate the American middle class with the flood of illegals from the Third World

I would not be surprised to see before very long the businesses in America owned and operated by foreign nations spend their political capital and reduce the wages of their American employees to that of the Third World wages of the home country.  Or maybe they will decide just to replace the Americans altogether and bring in workers from the home country to do the jobs.   

The vision this Administration has for the American worker is the day laborer center. Union halls, job interviews, people apprenticing to work their way up to master tradesmen, the entire system of ladders of mobility for American citizens to have careers that reward their years of education and cost of education with high standing jobs that have decent wages and benefits of health care, dental care, retirement security, etc are all being removed with amazing speed. 

The next batch of citizens of the world to achieve the American dream of will be the huge flood of immigrants coming from Iraq and the Middle East as our troops eventually pull out. 

I wonder if American citizens could qualify to be put on the endangered species list and then maybe could receive some financial assistance from their own government.

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