An Angry Hispanic Reader Denounces Paul Nachman For Criticizing The DREAM Act Amnesty; We Respond
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Re: Paul Nachman's Blog item: The American Immigration Council's Irrelevant "Truths" About The DREAM Act

From: Juan P. Hernandez [Email him]

I want to congratulate you on your article "The American Immigration Council's Irrelevant "Truths" About The DREAM Act". I have to say that it is truly a colossal piece of garbage. I'm not sure where you get the sense of entitlement that you and people like you are the only ones who deserve a chance in life and not these innocent kids who through no fault of their own were brought into such a situation.

Quite frankly, I am TIRED and fed up of reading this type of bigotry and hatred. You and your kids have had your chance at success so F*** everyone else? Is this the message you are so "proudly", and "patriotically" relaying in your article? To me, this is just a blatant display of arrogance. Arrogance and ignorance to a level that is ASTOUNDING.

It truly mind-boggles me why this country insists on punishing innocent kids. Why are we unable to take a more pragmatic and utilitarian approach in lieu of a purely ideological stand point?

It is always easy to blab your mouth and judge other people on their mistakes, but I assure you, Mr. Nachman, you are FAR from perfect.

Mr. Nachman, keep in mind that the law is not synonymous with ethics. What we are doing to these children is MORALLY and ETHICALLY WRONG….why can't you look at it from a humanitarian standpoint?

Have a nice arrogant and gluttonous life, Mr. Nachman,

James Fulford writes: What was morally and ethically wrong was done by the parents of the DREAM act beneficiaries. They crossed the border illegally with children in tow, risking their lives in the desert not to escape persecution, but to make "a better life" for themselves, assuming they survived. "Better life" here doesn't mean political liberty or religious freedom—it means more money.

Making more money for your children is perhaps a noble goal, but breaking and entering is an immoral way to achieve it. The DREAM Act youths are (mostly) citizens of Mexico. They have had years and years of K-12 education on the US taxpayer's dollar—in effect, stolen for them by their parents. If they now want college educations too, they can pay for it themselves, or let the Mexican Government pay for it.

The idea that the illegals brought by their parents came "through no fault of their own" is only relevant to criminal prosecution for illegal entry, where the parents, rather than the children can be prosecuted, not for giving them more benefits to which they have no claim.

The situation may be compared to a Victorian novel where the villain steals the hero's title and estates and goes to his home and lives there with his children. The children are innocent—but the estate is stolen, and will have to be returned.

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