An American Programmer Contemplates His Layoff
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From: "An American Programmer"

I am surrounded by Indians from India. They are in the U.S.A. on work visas, specifically here to replace American workers. My job has now changed. Instead of working on the e-Business applications that I have developed, enhanced, and supported for the past 6 years, I'm assigned the task of training Indians to do my job so I can be laid off.

My scheduled displacement date is December, 2002. Others have already been replaced. The next round of layoffs is Sept 30, 2002.

Currently we have 14 Indians on visas working here in [name of city withheld] with 7 more planned to be here within a week.

The other day my designated trainee was busy reading the "Introduction to…" manual. Qualified for H-1B status? I think not.

But it gets more interesting, he's here on an L-1 "intracompany transfer." Intracompany from [deleted] Consulting, India to [deleted] Consulting, USA. He's then sold off as a "consultant" to American businesses. From what I've heard, they get paid expenses to work here in the USA plus their Indian salary.

So I don't think there are any taxes being paid; but they are free to drive on our roads and their children are free to go to our schools.

This is happening all across America. I just found out my insurance agent's daughter is being replaced at her company. They are doing the same thing. I'm waiting for details from her. I plan on passing any information to my congressman's office.

Pretty soon, there will be no IT in America.

Remove my name as I don't want to be prematurely laid off. I need the revenue stream and the market for American IT workers is dreadfully bleak right now.

You can read more about workers displaced by H-1Bs at

And if you really want to help Americans, pass this information on to all interested parties and have them contact their Congressional representatives.

September 19, 2002

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