An American IT Worker Objects To A Proposal To DOUBLE The Effect Of H-1B Visas By Allowing H-1B Wives To Take American Jobs
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Re : Thousands Of Indian Women Find Their American Dreams In Jeopardy, By Miriam Jordan, NYT, April 6, 2018

From: An American IT Worker [Email him]

The subject of this New York Times article is the insidious Obama administration change to the H-1B program that allowed H-1B spouses to work. Under the worst case scenario could effectively double the number of workers under the H-1B program. In actuality, it is probably not double, but it is still a significant percentage, and facilitates more "anchor babies" by the spouses (see below) as well thus enhancing the chances for some sort of permanent status in the United States.

I cannot tell you how many Indians and their families are appearing in the IT intensive areas around the nation, except they are increasing exponentially based on my observations. The running dogs for massive immigration like the New York Times are already baying for the continuance of this program that the Trump administration has directed to end in June 2018. Hopefully, the Trump administration will not back down from its decision to stop this mendacious and insidious policy that steals job opportunities away from qualified American citizens.



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