An Alt-Right Woman Reader Is NOT Celebrating The Catholic Church's "National Migration Week"
January 13, 2017, 06:57 PM
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From: An Alt-Right Woman Reader [Email her]

Here's the latest update on the endless, endless demographic-displacement schemes of the Vaticrat fifth-columnists:

All of their sanctimonious, lying, anti-white-american propaganda is just SO un-American and treasonous that I'm almost vomiting on my iPad screen as I type this, but I'll calm my nausea temporarily and pick a few of my (least-) favorite sentences...
  • In Pope Francis we have a leader from Argentina, a country of immigrants. He is the son of immigrants and a native Spanish speaker. These issues are close to his heart.
  • We belong to the same Church no matter where we’re from. Our Catholic identity isn’t based on where we live but on our faith in Jesus Christ. We’re one family, and the Catholic Church is always our home.
  • The Catholic Church has been welcoming immigrants to the United States since the nation’s founding and has been integral in helping integrate into American culture.
James Fulford writes: Pope Francis is famous for tangling with Donald Trump—and losing. In the process, we learned that Vatican City is entirely surrounded by a massive wall, built to keep out a Muslim invasion, which is guarded by armed men. 

Vatican City, which is a sovereign state  with a population of only 451 people, has taken in only one family—who are Christians.