An Alabama Reader Reports That The DHS Is Increasing The Time That Foreign Students Can Stay In The Country
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From: Engineer in Alabama[Email him]

In the May 19, 2011 edition of Nature magazine, on page 258, there is a small note that the Department Of Homeland Security has significantly increased the amount of time that foreign students can remain in the United States after graduating.  [Online here.]So, even as more and more of the most talented Americans see their job prospects destroyed, our government has decided to up the pressure another notch.  How typical.

As usual, the American worker is treated like cattle, and is given no say whatsoever in how many people are allowed into the country: indeed, is barely even informed.  Can you imagine the rich putting up with this in their private country clubs?

The claim is that this will help the United States become more 'competitive', but of course, it will do the opposite.  The only purpose is to continue to drive down the wages and benefits of working Americans.  Supply and demand apply to all, janitor and engineer alike.

We should remember that the immigration policy that gave us people like Einstein was a restrictive one, that used our high standard of living to recruit the best minds from around the world while moderating the overall numbers so as to not lower wages for Americans in general.

Our current policy of importing massive numbers of people who have, on average, precisely average ability, will only lower labor costs for ordinary work, but in the long run it will drive away the best minds. People like Einstein don't move to places like Bangladesh, now do they?  We don't want another 10 million mediocre web page designers, because we already have more then we need: we want to recruit the next Einstein or Fermi or Szilard or Moisseiff, etc.  Which our current policy of cheap labor above all else will ultimately drive away.

And of course, by destroying the ability of people to make a living in science and engineering, we devalue these fields, and will increasingly drive our most talented people into more protected fields like medicine and law—even the second generation children of talented immigrant scientists and engineers!  If ever there was a policy aimed at destroying the vitality of science and engineering in the United States, this is the one.

But cheap labor rules over all.

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