An Activist Reader Tells Us We're "Perpetuating The Divide" Between The Races
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RE: Ed Rubenstein’s article Obamanomics Bad For Blacks—But They’re Voting For Him Anyway

From: Dave Manoulian [email him]

The article by  Edwin Rubenstein,on September 26, 2012 ,is so flawed and racist it could only come from or Rush Limbaugh.

All the “statistics” stated apply to ALL Americans. The Banksters and Obama screw everyone but the War Mongers they work for. “We the People” are ALL in this together. is continuously guilty of perpetuating the divide.

As always, nowhere in the article is a solution to the “Problem” even suggested. There are other candidates running for President also. Romney, obviously, would be no better for blacks. Libertarian Gary Johnson, who is on the ballot in 50 states, would be better for ALL Americans.  

PS: Your logic for NOT having a Comments section under each article [see A Reader Asks Why We Don't Have Comments; We Answer Him In Our Old-School Letter Column] can be applied equally to your 'letters' section too.

Dave Manoulian (shroomer dave) is an Occupy [Whatever] Actiist.

James Fulford writes: It’s not’s job to “perpetuate the divide” between the races. It perpetuates itself pretty well, and if it didn’t, there are the EEOC, DOJ and $PLC to perpetuate it, all much better funded than we are.

Our job is to report on the divide between the races, which isn’t being done.


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