A Young Illinois Reader Says He "Trusts" Obama More Than The GOP
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Re: Patrick Cleburne’s CPAC Immigration Panel: 2 ReConquistas, 1 Cheap Labor Lobby Whore - And A (Quiet) Patriot

From: A Young Illinois Reader [Send Him Mail]

Derrick Morgan of the Heritage Foundation asks why conservatives should trust the Obama administration to enforce immigration laws.

A much more relevant question is why any conservative voter should trust the Republicans to support immigration enforcement.

It is simply impossible to reconcile the Conservatism Inc. view of immigration, as articulated by Mr. Morgan's co-panelists, with a sincere commitment to enforce immigration laws. The line of the GOP leadership, cheap labor lobby, and Hispanic empire-builders within the Republican Party goes something like this:

"Immigrants (legal or otherwise) are harder-working and more entrepreneurial than you. They do jobs that you won't and thoughtfully arrange to have more kids than you do. They increase aggregate GDP, and what could be more important than that? They add Vibrancy to America. Our country has always been all about immigration, because we're exceptional and whatnot. What's more, Third World peasants are the conservative constituency of the future! You can never have enough migrants!...But don't worry conservative voters, we're as committed as you are to preventing these wonderful, quintessentially American folks from pouring into the country!"

Paradoxically, I "trust" the Obama administration a lot more on immigration than I trust the likes of CPAC. Obama and his supporters don't try very hard to hide their enthusiasm for national dissolution. What you see (an amalgam of Cultural Marxism and globalist capitalism) is what you get.

No, it's the conservative establishment that actually expects us to buy their self-contradictory rhetoric, even as they persistently fail to apply any original thought to the National Question.


Then again, maybe they just don't care whether we believe them. Who else are we going to vote for?


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