A West Texas Reader Says We’re On A Mass Migration Roller Coaster—But We’re Getting To The Fun Part.
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From: A West Texas Reader [Email him]

That mass-migration roller coaster is still at it.

The good news is that Hillary is not POTUS.

The bad news is that B. Hussein Obama’s 8-year campaign to import foreign voters in order to displace Historic Americans put up big numbers. Much worse than I thought.

Have a look at this:

1.8 Million Immigrants Likely Arrived in 2016, Matching Highest Level in U.S. History

Numbers show 53 percent increase compared to low point in 2011

By Steven A. Camarota and Karen Zeigler, CIS.org, December 28, 2017

This is the point on the roller coaster where we almost throw up.

Thankfully, Donald Trump fought the entire Uni-Party/Globalist/Media/Religious Left/Academia/Chamber of Commerce/ Big Ag/Cult-Marx-Corporate Swamp to be in a position to rescue us.

So maybe the roller coaster will move from the terrifying part of the ride to the fun part.

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