A West Coast Reader Wonders Why The GOP Won't Take Up Immigration
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Re: Eric Sievers’ article In Loudoun County, Whites Aren’t Voting Republican—Because The GOP Won't Address ANY Issues That Matter To Them

From: A West Coast Reader [Email her]

I lived in Northern Virginia for many years until 1994 and am quite familiar with the area as it existed then. Eric Sievers’ article is so wise and I like it but I think he overlooked a major point against the Republicans—they are in lockstep with the anti-abortion fanatics. This kills the party with millions of women.

The main point he makes, about immigration, is so good, and I don't understand why Republicans don't take up that issue, except that powerful business interests in the GOP like the cheap labor and depressed wages for all workers that result from excessive immigration, legal and illegal.

If Romney had been elected, I think he would have done something serious about stopping illegal immigration; he apparently thought, at least in the later part of his campaign, that he needed to soft-pedal the issue.

The truth is he didn't really know enough about immigration issues to be confident in discussing the subject in much detail.

In the primary and earlier part of the campaign against Obama he said things that showed he sincerely believed illegal immigration must be stopped and never catered to. Obama likes it, thinks it's great to have the country overrun with people from all over the world. 

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