A Washington State Resident Thanks Californians For The Strawberries Produced By Cheap Labor With High Social Cost
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Re: A Talk Radio Listener Spots The Latest Phony “Crops Rotting In The Fields” Story

From: Linda Thom [Email her]

The California state legislature which is controlled by Democrats refused to extend overtime to farmworkers. The Fair Labor Standards Act excluded farmworkers overtime when it was passed in the 1930's.[ California Assembly blows chance to right historical wrong, By Marcos Breton, Sacramento Bee, June 8, 2016 ]

The Democrats in California could have passed overtime for state farmworkers but they refused to do so. Where is the MSM reporting this outrage?

If crops are rotting in the fields and there is high unemployment, wouldn't raising wages induce more people to save the strawberries by picking them?

How about $12 an hour? $15 an hour? Nope, farmers don't want to pay because it cuts into profit margins. . . and the bleeding heart Dems don't give a hoot.

Here in Washington State where I live, I just bought a pound of strawberries from Salinas, California, for $1.89. Thank you, California taxpayers for subsidizing my strawberries by picking up the tab for the social costs of "cheap labor ".

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