A Washington State Reader Says We Need To Kick Gingrich With A Bigger Boot
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Re: James Fulford’s Blog post Gingrich's "Red Card" Amnesty Plan—Cynical, Or Just Completely Missing The Point?

From: Brian Riordan (e-mail him)

I appreciate the exposé of the "cynical" Gingrich Red Card plan which you ran recently, but Gingrich's steady creep upward to the top of the polls (and the operative word is "creep") concerns me. Pundits tell us that Cain is a mere amateur and we need a professional. As far as womanizing is concerned, Cain's alleged transgressions cannot hold a candle to the professionalism of Gingrich.

Radio blatherers repeatedly tell us that Gingrich is a brilliant conservative. Wrong on both counts. Gingrich is a political opportunist who has repeatedly endorsed big government plans—often he is for them before he is against them. Like a monkey reaching for a dangling trinket, Gingrich repeatedly falls for glitzy, trendy schemes which ultimately prove foolish. Remember when he was so infatuated with Toffler's The Third Wave?

Economist Ian Fletcher says Gingrich made post-industrialism the core of his 1994 economic plan. It was a way for Americans to accept deindustrialization. We've heard the promises: grunt jobs would go overseas but we would replace them with higher-paying high-tech jobs. Of course what really happened is that the high-tech jobs followed the grunt jobs and increasingly carry with them design, engineering, research, and development jobs. Outsourcing has worked as well for America as Hope and Change. Ian Fletcher,Free Trade Doesn't Work (U.S. Business and Industry Council, 2010), p. 64.

Fletcher also talks about Gingrich's "gaseousness"—he is a "pseudo-intellectual" with "a preference for the intellectually flashy over the boring truth...it's no surprise that he's so hot for globalism, this being one of the biggest, flashiest, most gaseous ideas since the death of Marxism." Newt Gingrich: Free-trade Kool-Aid drinker,  WND, November 25, 2011

Gingrich is the poster child for exactly what is wrong with our government—too much power in the hands of special interests via lobbyists/influence peddlers. Gingrich's companies have apparently received some 55 million from health care interests and at least 1.6 million from Freddie Mac. No doubt a search would reveal more. Gingrich says he did no lobbying, only consulting. But who would pay millions for his goofy ideas unless there was influence to be gained? In fact, former Freddie Mac officials admit the money was to connect with House Republicans and provide arguments to support the public-private structure of Freddie Mac. Note that Gingrich proposes that credit card companies like American Express be given a contract to provide secure ID's for guest workers. Hmm—I wonder how many millions American Express could be persuaded to cough up for "consulting" fees?

At the recent debate, Gingrich played the "kinder and gentler" card—currying favor with the mainstream media. Of course his legality-for-illegal aliens-without-actual-citizenship plan is anything but kinder and gentler for the millions of Americans whose jobs were taken and whose wages were driven down by cheap labor. It is not kinder and gentler for the thousands killed by drunk-driving aliens, for the millions whose towns and cities have become gang-ridden third world slums—or for the future generations who will be saddled with an enormous underclass seeking to put the interests of their "race" (La Raza) ahead of the country as a whole.

An aide to a former New Mexican governor assured me that "just because Mexicans learn Marxism in school [those who went to school] doesn't mean they are Marxists—that is just the way they learn economics." Yeah, and that is just the way they vote—no wonder Brenda Walker labels them "Marxicans." Of course Gingrich's plan makes Republican elites happy—cheap labor without Democrat votes. But this is the typical short-term thinking of today's elites—because these voteless workers will fill the nation with citizen anchor babies who will ultimately vote in socialism. Still under the corporatism or New Fascism that is a worldwide trend, it is the middle class which suffers while the elites continue merrily along in bed with big government. And lest anyone harbor the illusion that Gingrich's new class of serfs wouldn't feast on government social programs, in spite of what some claim, illegal aliens do get welfare and benefit from other social programs.

Those who have seen the demographic writing on the wall (hint: it looks like gang graffiti) have been hoping that Gingrich's recent immigration statement would cause voters to shun him like the plague—or like a Perry. Unfortunately his disease is particularly virulent and Romney, rather than distancing himself, has caught it. Romney said ..."those that are paying taxes and not taking government benefits should begin a process towards application for citizenship..." Note that former Congressman Tom Tancredo writes that within the fine print of the Red Card plan touted by Gingrich, there is indeed a pathway to citizenship.

Even for Republicans such as RINOs and neocons who like Gingrich's globalism and partial amnesty, Gingrich is a dangerous choice. For one thing, his arms have stretched longer than John McCain's reaching across the aisle to Democrats. He is a joker, a wild card—his constantly changing ideas have been all over the political spectrum so there is no way of knowing what he would actually do as president. Like Forest Gump's box of chocolates, with Gingrich you never know what you are going to get.

It isn't as if the era of Gingrich's pseudo-intellectual foolishness is in the distant past —the product of an immature youth which he has now outgrown. Gingrich's climate change commercial with Nancy Pelosi was made all of three years ago in 2008 and the year before, 2007, he said Cap and Trade was "very, very good." As usual, now Gingrich is against what he was for just three years ago. A president's term being more than three years, would a President Gingrich, at the end of his term, be opposing what he proposed at the beginning?

I hope that VDARE.com will continue to shed light on the true nature of Newt Gingrich so that he will become yet another "flavor of the month."

See Brian Riordan's earlier letters.

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