A WA State Readers Says Somali-American "Pacifism" Needs Work
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December 22, 2010, 04:00 AM
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From: Robin Corkery [Email him]

Re: Brenda Walker`s blog item Portland Somalis Fumble a "Peace" Rally

Further to Brenda Walker`s story about the Somali peace rally that was under attended:

"At a Saturday evening news conference that was held at Portland City Hall, Imam Mikal Shabazz said `... we in no way, shape or form support this, no matter what the justification may be`." (Italics mine—RC).

[Oregon bomb-plot suspect wanted `spectacular show`, By Tim Fought, Associated Press, November 27, 2010]

There`s a justification? Kind of like the one for Jeffrey Dahmer or Tim McVeigh, one would guess.

They may be working on it, but the Muslims appear to have a ways to go in mastering the lexicon of contemporary American flackery.