A Virginia Reader Says Amnesty Will Cause Schism In GOP If It Passes
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From: Virginia Paleoconservative [Email him]


H/T One Old Vet

Although there has been extensive coverage of the long-term political consequences of passing "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" (CIR) and legalizing tens of millions of new Left-wing/ Democrat Party voters, there will be more immediate effects as well.  Specifically, the Republican Party and conservative movement will soon suffer a traumatic schism.

To put this in perspective, the other major destructive legislation, “Obamacare”, was opposed by virtually everyone in the Republican Party and conservative movement.  Even though it passed due to the Democrat Party majorities in the US House and Senate, the Republicans could say they stood firm and party unity was maintained.

Not so with CIR. Traitors galore from the Republican Party promote it, along with leftish scum such as Chuck Schumer, etc.  If CIR passes, a significant percentage of the Republican base will never forgive the leadership.  They will cease voting and contributing, or vote for a third party if it exists.

This will transpire very quickly after CIR passes—but the stupid, corrupt, GOP leadership with its overpaid consultants do not even see it coming.  They still cling to the discredited model that conservatives have no better place to go.  They have not factored in the possibility that the base will just stay home.

This actually occurred to some extent in the 2012 election, where the white, conservative base was not inspired enough to come out to vote.  VDARE.com performed some very good analysis on this subject.  However, the Establishment emphasized Romney’s 27% percent share of the Hispanic vote, rather than his tepid showing among white voters:

So if all goes to plan, in October / November 2013, approximately one year after the 2012 election disaster, the 2013 CIR legislation will pass with the complicity of the GOP leadership, thus performing a coup de grace to a significant portion of the white, conservative vote that will be lost forever. 

The GOP will then be a appreciably shrunken party, with its leadership waiting in vain for Hispanic and other immigrant votes that will never come.

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