A Texas Reader Sees A TV Show About Earth’s Invasion By Space Aliens—Guess Who The Real Villains Turn Out To Be!
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Re: A Reader Reports Hollywood Is Making Movies About Imaginary Hate Crimes—Committed By Guess Who

From: Gerald Martin (e-mail him)

After reading the letter about Stir of Echoes, I had to tell you guys about what I just finished watching.

Falling Skies is a new sci-fi series about ordinary Earth people fighting back against an alien (outer-space variety) invasion that has destroyed all the Earth's militaries, governments, and most of its inhabitants. It started a few weeks ago on TNT, but I just got around to seeing it.

In the two-hour premiere, guess who turns out to be the worst enemy of our brave band of multicultural resistance-fighters? The spider-like aliens, or their killer robots? Don't be silly! You know the answer!

The nastiest, most brutal and most evil villains are a gang of white racists. After capturing several resistance fighters, they take them to an abandoned school's auditorium, which is decorated with a shiny Nazi eagle. Although there is no use of the N-word or other ethnic insult, the white thugs note the presence of a black and Asian amongst their captives. This is a tip-off to viewers who missed the eagle that these white guys are extra bad— they notice race. Naturally, they're also misogynists, having serially raped the previously-captured girl (who later kills two of them and enables the good guys to escape).

On the bright side, the racists don't have Southern accents, maybe because Falling Skies takes place in Massachusetts.

Martin, is a former Army officer and high school teacher descended from cowboys, Texas Rangers, and railroad workers. See his previous letters.

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