A Texas Reader Says That Indoctrinated College Kids Are Suffering, But Don't Want To Hear That Immigration Causes It
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Allan Wall's Memo From Middle America | Get The Message, People! Demography Is Destiny!

From An Anonymous Denton TX Reader [Email him]

I read Allan Wall's article about the changing demographics in America. I couldn't agree more. I live in a college town, Denton,TX, and work with a lot of college kids.

They are not being educated, but indoctrinated. Many can't find work in their field of education, and are saddled with student loan debt, yet cannot relate to the fact that Texas is literally being overrun with Hispanics.

In fact, they often become indignant if the subject of immigration is mentioned in the context of the many problems we face: deteriorating roads, water quality, et cetera.

If you can't discuss the problems, how do you find a solution?

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