A Texas Reader Reports That Mitt Romney’s Immigration Adviser Michael Chertoff Doesn’t Bode Well For Immigration Patriots
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Re: Hal Netkin’s article Confessions of An E-Verify Employer Agent

From: Roger Chaillet  Email him

I've got bad news for Hal Netkin and other immigration patriots: Mitt Romney has named Michael Chertoff and other Neocons to his foreign policy and national security advisory team.

Mitt Romney Announces Foreign Policy and National Security Advisory Team, Mitt Romney Press Release, October 6, 2012

Chertoff is the fraud behind the unconstitutional Patriot Act.   He is also a war profiteer, since he directly profits from the "war" on terrorism.   The Patriot Act also allowed American banks to accept the matricula consular as an official form of ID. 

The matricula consular is not even accepted as an official form of ID in Mexico!   

We are so screwed if Romney gets elected.

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