A Texas Reader Looks At George P. Bush's PAC
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Re: Steve Sailer’s blog post Meet The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss: George P. Bush Running For Office In Texas 

From: Roger Chaillet [Email him]

Check out the front page of George P. Bush's “MaverickPAC.” Nothing but Hispanics in the photo. 

In 1999, George W. Bush shouted "Venceremos!" to a similar crowd.


By the way, it was offline until last week.  Must have been updated just in time for his campaign. 

Check out the board members.   Neocons  globalists and banksters have signed up.  

Looks like the frauds at Neocon Review Online (a.k.a. National Review Online) spoke at the PAC's annual conference

And look where all the chapters are located—in Aztlan.

Be afraid.

Be very, very afraid.

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