A Texas Reader Has Trouble Finding Radio Derb In iTunes; The Answer Is RSS
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Re: Radio Derb: Killings In Christchurch, College Scandals, And Irish Brexit, Etc.

From: Tex [Email him]

First of all, I'm a long time reader/listener. Thank you for all you do. Derb's podcast is part of a Saturday morning tradition. I wake before the rest of the family and fix a big breakfast—bacon, eggs, fried potatoes, toast, etc.—while listening to Radio Derb. It's my favorite time of the week. (Speaking of, I need to go hit your Donate button.)

I recently replaced my cell phone and am in the process of rebuilding my podcast list. Derb’s VDare.com podcasts are nowhere to be found. I can find old TakiMag podcasts but nothing recent. Searching your name returns no results...which makes me think they're actively blocking the search. I hope this is a problem on my end...but suspect it isn't. Wish I could say I was surprised.

James Fulford writes: There's a thing called an RSS feed (there's a link on the main RD page) and if you click on the link in your iPhone, which looks like this: https://vdare.com/feed/podcast-radio-derb, then you are subscribed to the podcast even if Apple doesn't approve. (RSS technology predates social media empires.) The same applies to VDARE Radio (RSS feed here.) Both podcasts are also featured on YouTube. See the one about "Building Your Own Platform" below.




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